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Viewer Spotlight: Reporting on the Israel-Hamas conflict

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Posted at 4:00 PM, Dec 29, 2023

Scripps News viewers have a lot to say. We have received more than 7,000 messages on our toll-free Viewer Hotline this year. 

"I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for being there for me and everyone who enjoys the news," said Ellen of Pennsylvania. 

Your voices impact how we do our work of delivering fact-based information every day.

 Over the past few months, some themes have emerged. You have demonstrated a strong desire for straight-down-the-middle reporting, without political spin or bias.  

 In our continuing coverage of the war between Israel and Hamas, some of you still think we miss the mark, by favoring one side over another. 

"You have no problem showing anything positive towards Israel. Anything that’s going to show the Palestinians’ point of view, you have a problem showing it. Be fair, just like you always say you are. Show the whole story," said Darius of Illinois.

Viewer Spotlight: Choosing topics that matter to you
A picture of a lighthouse and the Scripps motto:

Viewer Spotlight: Choosing topics that matter to you

Giving light is a critical part of our 100-year-old motto here at Scripps — to serve as both a beacon of truth, and of hope.


"I feel that you are misrepresenting the Jewish people on TV, and I would appreciate if you would refrain from just advertising the Palestinians. The Jewish people are suffering now tremendously and nothing is being done or advertised for them," another viewer said.

We have explicit internal guidelines on how we cover the complex developments unfolding in the Middle East, including restricted use of footage from state-run media sources, a balance of diverse viewpoints reflected on our air, and as much independent verification of what we’re hearing and seeing as possible. 

Behind the scenes, our newsrooms include journalists who identify as Jewish and Palestinian, and we take great pains to make sure we’re as fair and as accurate as we can be. 

It is our promise to you to always strive for objective, fact-based reporting – whether it’s covering wars abroad or conflicts closer to home. 

Our mission remains unchanged going into the new year – and we look forward to more of your feedback in the weeks and months to come. Message us on social media or call us anytime, toll-free, on our Scripps News Viewer Hotline at 1-833-4-SCRIPPS.