Retail Stores Are Slowly Reopening With A Variety Of Safety Measures

Retail stores are requiring things like masks, gloves, social distancing and sanitizing stations as coronavirus restrictions ease.
Posted at 7:06 PM, May 13, 2020

Retail stores are gradually reopening, and they've announced safety measures to protect customers and employees as coronavirus restrictions ease. 

Macy'sUltaKohl'sGap and Nordstrom are just some of the stores implementing new precautions.

Masks will be required for employees at all of those stores, and customers are encouraged to wear them as well. Some employees will also have to wear gloves or complete wellness checks before coming into work. There will be signs in stores to remind customers about social distancing. Hand sanitizer stations and protective barriers, such as plexiglass sheets, will be implemented, along with limited capacity, reduced hours and rigorous cleaning routines. Some stores are limiting the clothing items customers can try on, and some are closing fitting rooms altogether. Beauty services at Macy's are still suspended, and Ulta will no longer have tester products for customers. 

Retail stores aren't opening all at once, though. Different locations are welcoming customers on different days, depending on state or local restrictions.

However, even with safety precautions, one retail analyst with Wells Fargo says 5-10% of retail demand could drop off forever. What's more, he told CNBC it could take at least nine months for sales to reach their "new normal" after taking such a big hit from coronavirus impacts.

Nearly all retail stores have been affected in some way, whether that's closing its doors, furloughing employees or filing for bankruptcy protections. And some customers are getting more used to shopping online, while others are cutting back spending due to the financial impacts of the pandemic.