Pandemic Parenting: How Do I Teach My Kids Safe Habits?

Many kids are preparing to head back to school, and experts say now is the time to start talking to them about staying safe and healthy.
Posted at 2:47 PM, Jul 20, 2020

As if parenting weren’t challenging enough, the coronavirus pandemic has raised 1,000 new, unprecedented questions on everything from family, to home to finances, to health. 

We asked the experts: How do I teach kids to wear masks and social distance when they’re in school? 

“Wearing masks and social distancing and schools is going to become a new norm, at least for a while. And it needs to be something that's just as important as any other school rule. So you can also try many different masks, some may feel uncomfortable, and some may feel better to your child. So don't try to force one particular mask,” said clinical psychologist Carolyn levers-Landis. 

“Trying to practice at home what they're going to be doing at school and then making sure that, you know, you explain the reasons why this is really important to social distance, especially now. And kids are smart: They'll understand if you can break it down to their level of that, hey, you're not supposed to, during this time, go hug your friends or be as close to your friends as you want to be, because we want to keep them safe,” suggested pediatrician Dr. Dontal Johnson.