Only A 4-Year-Old Would Think CVS Is This Great

A little girl from Arkansas wanted nothing more than to have a CVS-themed party for her fourth birthday. That was easier said than done.
Posted at 3:37 PM, Oct 19, 2015

This is Iris — a typical 4-year-old. She loves to dance, play and goof around.

"I'm ready to be a superstar!"

But something not so typical for her age — she also loves CVS.

So when Iris' mom, Sarah Fortune, asked her daughter what she wanted her birthday theme to be, it was no surprise she picked her favorite store.

"Why do you love CVS so much?" Fortune asked. 

"Because of the snacks and chocolate milk," Iris said. 

But having such a — let's call it unique — birthday theme wasn't a small task.

And everyone's favorite inspiration website was no help.

So Fortune got to work. She had a CVS cake made, created a special name tag for Iris and even had some party favors for the adults — prescription bottles filled with Tic-Tacs.

Fortune blogged about her experience and said her daughter holds the drug store in such high regard, she wouldn't even pick it over Disney World.

"So when your kid puts CVS on the same level as Disney World, you embrace it," she said.

Fortune said it started when construction began on her city's first CVS in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Iris was only 3 when it opened, and she watched it being built for half her life. 

"So naturally, it was a big deal when the store finally opened," Fortune said.

CVS heard about the party and sent Iris a card and goodie bags.

As for the grown-ups, the party had a special adult beverage — cranberry vodka splash. CVS. Get it?

Plus, we're pretty sure CVS is loving the free publicity. Make a little girl happy, and get some free advertising. Win-win.

"Happy birthday to you!" 

This video contains images and video from Sarah Fortune