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President Trump Vetoes Resolution On Saudi-Led War In Yemen

The resolution passed the House and Senate, but it may not have enough support for Congress to override the president's veto.
Posted at 9:52 PM, Apr 16, 2019

President Donald Trump has vetoed a resolution to end the U.S.' involvement in the Saudi-led war in Yemen.

Congress sent the Yemen War Powers Resolution to the president's desk earlier this month. It aimed to end the U.S.' involvement in a four-year war that has killed thousands of people.

President Trump said in a statement to the Senate on Tuesday that the resolution is an "unnecessary, dangerous attempt to weaken [his] constitutional authorities, endangering the lives of American citizens."

It marks the second time he has used his presidential powers to veto a resolution. As Newsy has previously reported, the resolution's passage in the Senate and House did not reach a level of support that would enable lawmakers to override the president's veto.

Additional reporting from Newsy affiliate CNN.