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Top 3 Mother's Day Gift Ideas For Those Hard-To-Buy-For Moms

It's tough to find the perfect gift for some moms, so we've got a few ideas for you. You're welcome.
Posted at 2:44 PM, May 07, 2016

Hopefully you're celebrating your mother all year long. But if you're not, we can thank President Woodrow Wilson for officially reminding you to do that at least once a year on the second Sunday in May. But what gift could you possibly give your mom that sums up all the love you have for her? We're here to help.

First up, for the mom who is more than just a little attached to her pets. You could perhaps even say she likes them more than her own kids sometimes.

In perhaps one of the strangest "Mommy and Me" accessories we've ever seen, your mom can get bracelets to match her pet's collar.

They're made by a company called FriendshipCollar and come in a variety of patterns.

Next, some moms seem to carry their entire life with them wherever they go, right?

But between lugging around all of the necessary credit cards, money, makeup, medicine, sunglasses — on top of all the things she carries around for her kids — it can get pretty difficult to find things in that purse of hers.

That's where a purse light comes in. The company Brainstream makes one that automatically turns on whenever someone opens their bag and will stay illuminated for 10 seconds.

And finally, we've got something for the moms looking for the missing links in their family tree.

To help trace back those roots, you can give your mom a maternal ancestry test.

Family Tree DNA has consolidated a large ancestry database so your mom can discover both recent and distant relatives.

This video includes clips from Family Tree DNA and images from Getty Images, FriendshipCollar and Amazon.