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Protests continue in Georgia despite governor's support for strong police intervention

Demonstrations in Georgia against the Israel-Hamas conflict have been ongoing since last week.
A student walks to class on the campus of Emory University after a pro-Palestinian demonstration
Posted at 7:05 PM, May 01, 2024

In Georgia, dozens of protesters against the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas continued to demonstrate at the University of Georgia in Athens and Emory University in Atlanta, resulting in numerous arrests.

Demonstrators are demanding the universities end financial ties with any entities associated with Israel and issue a public declaration advocating for an immediate and permanent cease-fire of hostilities while condemning Israel's actions in Gaza.

Pro-Palestinian protesters reinforce barricades around their encampment.

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UCLA cancels classes after overnight clashes between dueling protesters

AP via Scripps News
7:14 AM, May 01, 2024

These demonstrations have resulted in arrests at both campuses. In Athens, authorities detained at least 16 individuals at UGA, several of whom were students, according to The Red&Black, the school’s paper. Meanwhile, at Emory, at least 28 people, including students, faculty, and one previously convicted felon, were arrested, according to WSB-TV.

Following the arrests, some students and faculty members have called for the resignation of Emory's president, Greg Fenves. This demand comes from his decision to call on police to break up the protests, which led to forceful arrests involving pepper spray, tasers, and aggressive tackling of demonstrators.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams

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New York mayor is attributing the escalation of protests at Columbia to 'outside agitators'

Alexandra Miller
3:16 PM, May 01, 2024

On Wednesday, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp echoed New York Mayor Eric Adams, suggesting that external agitators were responsible for the increase in protests and reaffirming his backing for a strong police intervention, The Associated Press reported.

“We are not going to allow Georgia to become the next Columbia University,” Kemp said, praising officers for “standing strong and maintaining order in the face of protests and disturbances on our college campuses.”

Those arrested are now facing charges ranging from criminal trespassing to disorderly conduct, obstruction of law enforcement officers, and battery of an officer.

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