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'Valley Girl' Dialect Totally Like Used By Guys, Too

Linguists say you don't have to be a "Valley Girl" to sound like one.
Posted at 7:26 PM, Dec 06, 2013

It's a dialect we all recognize — and probably identify with a certain region — and one sex more so than the other. But we might be totally wrong.

"A new study shows 'valley girl' talk, or uptalk, typically associated with Southern California rich girls, is expanding to males." (Via WDAF)

That anchor pretty much nailed it, didn't she? So, about that study:

"Researchers recorded the voices of young adults in Southern California, and they listened for uptalk, or rise in pitch at the end of a sentence." (Via WOLF)

According to the BBC, the ditzy-sounding dialect doesn't always reflect the speaker's intellect. The University of California-San Diego study suggests "People who speak uptalk are often misunderstood to be insecure, shallow or slightly dim, [but] this was not necessarily the case."

The study looked at — and listened to — 23 college-aged native English speakers from different socioeconomic backgrounds. Because stereotypes.

The "valley girl" dialect is prevalent in 1983's "Valley Girl" — a movie starring Nicolas Cage long before he became a "National Treasure." (Via Atlantic Releasing Company / 'Valley Girl')

More of the same a decade later in "Clueless."


"Hello. There was a stop sign."

"I totally paused." (Via Paramount Pictures / "Clueless")​

And on into the modern day. For better or worse.


"When Kanye and I were designing the baby's playroom ... " (Via E!)

Like, gag me with a spoon.