Uber Launches App To Help Drivers Find Work Amid Pandemic

On Monday, Uber introduced Work Hub, a new feature that can connect drivers with work opportunities.
Posted at 2:55 PM, Apr 06, 2020

Uber is trying to help its drivers find other work as the coronavirus pandemic continues to pummel the ride-hailing industry.

On Monday, Uber introduced Work Hub, a new feature in its driver app. It's meant to help drivers find work with the company's other ventures, like Uber Eats. 

But the app will also include job opportunities outside of Uber. The company says it's teaming up with businesses that are currently hiring — including Domino's, Shipt and CareGuide — to get drivers working again.

Right now, Work Hub is limited to U.S. drivers, but Uber says it's part of a global effort to connect drivers with new work opportunities.

Companies like Uber have been hit hard by COVID-19 as large areas remain under lockdown and officials impose social distancing guidelines. Drivers told Reuters their income has plummeted by as much as 80%.