Study Shows Children May Be Silent Spreaders Of COVID-19

Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital found that children carry higher levels of COVID-19 in their airways than adults.
Posted at 6:20 PM, Aug 20, 2020

A new study says kids who seem healthy could be "silent spreaders" of the coronavirus — and may even be more contagious than sick adults. 

Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital found children who tested positive had significantly higher levels of the virus in their airways than adults in intensive care for COVID-19.

Though President Trump said earlier this month that children are "almost immune" from the virus, the study says kids could actually be a major source of spreading COVID-19, especially as schools consider reopening for the fall.

Lead author Dr. Alessio Fasano said, "This study provides much-needed facts for policymakers to make the best decisions possible for schools, daycare centers and other institutions that serve children."

The researchers say if schools reopen fully without necessary precautions, it is likely that children will play a larger role in the pandemic as they help spread the virus to their teachers, parents and other adults.