New New York Rule Requires Travelers To Test Negative For Virus

New policy requires travelers from most states to get a test before arriving in New York and another one within three days.
Posted at 12:31 PM, Nov 01, 2020

Anyone traveling to New York will have to get a COVID-19 test before and after arriving there.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the new policy as a replacement for a previous quarantine rule that required travelers from a number of states to isolate for 14 days.

Now instead of having a quarantine list, Governor Cuomo said there will be one rule that applies across the country. It requires most travelers to get a negative test result within three days of arriving in the state. 

The new policy will go into effect Wednesday, as Cuomo says more college kids will be returning to the state for the holidays. Once there, travelers will quarantine for three days before getting a second test on day four. If both come back negative, the person can exit quarantine. If they chose not to be tested, they'll stay in quarantine for the 14-day period. 

The rule doesn't apply to those traveling to neighboring states of New York. And those leaving for less than 24 hours will only be required to take the second test. 


New York's overall coronavirus positivity rate has been trending down, but October's numbers have been tipping above 1,000 new cases each day. In the U.S., new cases reached a new high in single day cases on Friday. 

Cuomo said, "In a sea of division and a sea of COVID chaos, our ship of state is sailing well. The world, however, is in trouble. So New Yorkers should be very proud of where we are, but we also need to stay vigilant."