How Can We Live Sustainably During A Pandemic?

Sustainable living is hard enough, now add the pressures of a global pandemic.
Posted at 5:32 PM, Dec 02, 2020

We tracked down some experts to answer the question: How can we live sustainably during a pandemic?  

"I think we need to try and change our perspective and start to look for opportunities the pandemic is providing rather than just focusing on all the restrictions and negativity, if we can," Zero Waste Mindset founder Alexander Furey told Newsy. "Maybe you could start to reach out to local community groups, local farms, local businesses, and start to connect with them."

"As someone that's definitely going for takeout myself, I found that I'm kind of choosing my takeout based on the types of packaging actually that the restaurants are able to offer," Alicia Forero, the business development manager at TerraCycle, said. "So things like compostable packaging.”

"Get into habits of cooking more, teach yourself more recipes," Furey said. "Also maybe teaching yourself how to sew, teaching yourself some skills, teaching yourself how to make your own cleaning products."

"Using reusable masks instead of disposable masks," Forero said. "Or using refillable hand sanitizer instead of kind of continuous single-use hand sanitizer."

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