Stephanie Sandoval headshot

Stephanie Sandoval

National Correspondent

Stephanie Sandoval is a national correspondent for Scripps News based out of Nashville, Tennessee, where she writes, shoots and edits breaking news stories and stories about people. She travels across the country covering anything from mass shootings to natural disasters, like hurricanes and tornadoes. Born and raised on the Missouri Method, Stephanie graduated from the Missouri School of Journalism in 2018 where she worked in print, TV and radio.

She believes everyone has a story. Her story of becoming a journalist started in her ninth grade yearbook class when she learned a camera and a notepad gave her the power to walk up to anyone she wanted. Growing up she was very quiet and shy, and did anything she could to break out of it. In the past, she’s said she became a journalist to give voice to the voiceless, but in reality, the job gave her a voice. Send story ideas, jokes and inspiration quotes at

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