'Breakthrough' Delta Cases Still Pose Risk To The Unvaccinated

A recent study out of Oxford found infected people carry the same amount of the variant no matter their vaccination status.
Posted at 9:46 AM, Aug 20, 2021

A new warning from researchers: Vaccinated people who catch the Delta variant of COVID can be very dangerous to unvaccinated people.  

A recent study out of Oxford found that infected people carry that same amount of the variant, no matter their vaccination status.  

That means breakthrough cases can still pose a big risk to people who haven't gotten shots. 

Doctors stress that vaccines are the best way to stay safe and healthy. 

A study released this week finds the children who are too young to get vaccinated are the ones most likely to spread COVID to their family members.  

Teens are more likely to come down with the coronavirus 

But the study published in JAMA Pediatrics suggests babies and toddlers have higher odds of transmitting the virus than older kids. 

"And you know it's really thought, that, because these kids may, you know, not feel well that there's a lot of cuddling and holding of these kids that allows for greater transmission." said Dr. Tina Tan, professor of pediatrics, Northwestern University

Emergency use authorization for vaccines is likely coming at the end of the year for  children ages 5-11 and early next year for even younger kids.