Palahniuk Finally Dishes 'Fight Club' Sequel Details

Dark Horse Comics is set to produce "Fight Club 2," a 10-issue graphic novel that takes place a decade after the original.
Posted at 10:48 PM, Jul 22, 2014

Author Chuck Palahniuk got "Fight Club" fans pretty excited when he told the crowd at last year's Comic-Con he was writing a sequel to the popular novel. And nine months later we finally know something about it.

USA Today revealed the book's sequel, "Fight Club 2," will be a 10-issue graphic novel series produced by Dark Horse Comics and will pick up a decade after the original book left off. The nameless insomniac narrator is married to equally-disturbed Marla Singer, and the couple have a 9-year-son son named Junior but don't look too excited about it. (Via Tumblr / Cameron Stewart)

For now, fans won't be seeing a ripped Brad Pitt or busted-up Edward Norton pummel faces into pavement like they did in the 1999 cult film adaptation, but we can always hope there's some demand for a film sequel, too. (Via 20th Century Fox / 'Fight Club')

As for the other characters in the original, don't worry: most are coming back. Even Project Mayhem is slated to stick around. And Palahniuk said he plans on diving into the origins of Tyler Durden. (Via The Hollywood Reporter)

Palahniuk also said the original book — written 18 years ago — was really a "tirade against fathers," but he's grown up a bit since then. 

The author is now 52 and plans to use the sequel to try and see things from his father's perspective. (Via Getty Images)

"You're still not really happy but for different reasons. Also the idea that if you suppress that wild, creative part of you — that Tyler part of you — do you lose the best part of you? Sure, your life is more stable and safe, but is it a better life?" He added that in the sequel, "[The narrator] tries to go back and reclaim that [earlier] phase of his life, and is just a pathetic failure." (ViaUSA Today)

Along with Palahniuk penning the series, Cameron Stewart will ink the all-important illustrations. 

Stewart is an award-winning artist who's also worked with Marvel and DC — including artwork for "Batman and Robin," "Catwoman," "Seaguy" and "The Other Side."

And the illustrator told Comic Book Resources creating a unique Tyler Durden might be kind of tough.

"It's a good thing and it's a bad thing, because the film is so engrained in popular culture — the image of Tyler Durden is Brad Pitt — and we cannot make it look anything like Brad Pitt for various legal reasons ... which is quite a unique challenge."

Palahniuk will join a "Fight Club" panel at this year's Comic-Con in San Diego on Saturday. And the first installment of the new graphic novel series is expected to hit shelves in May 2015.