'Full House' Reunion Could Be In The Works

Warner Bros. TV executives are reportedly hoping to reunite the cast for a new take on the show, which still pulls 1.5 million viewers in reruns.
Posted at 11:35 PM, Aug 26, 2014

Everywhere you look, it seems reunion rumors are floating around for one old show or another. Now, TV execs apparently have their eyes on the Tanner family.

(Video via Nick at Nite)

TV Guide had the news first, reporting executives at Warner Bros. TV are hoping to get at least some of the original "Full House" cast back together for a new take on the show.

John Stamos, a.k.a. Uncle Jesse, is reportedly all on board for the effort, though no cast members have commented.

And maybe it's not such a stretch considering he, Bob Saget and Dave Coulier seemed happy to reunite for a Superbowl yogurt commercial — and for "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" earlier this year.

SAGET: "And just like Uncle Jesse said, you're going to be the host of "The Tonight Show" on NBC."

And even if the Olsen twins, who've retired from acting, aren't in on the reunion, the makers of "Girl Meets World" made the transition from their '90s sitcom source material without the full cast. Maybe "Full House" could as well.

So, why bring the show back? Well, "Full House" still has a lot of fans. Nick at Nite pulls in 1.5 million viewers just for primetime reruns of the show. And, although the Tanners went off the air in the mid-90s, they have a surprisingly healthy fan base among teenagers.

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