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ISIS Does Not Want You To See These Photos

This is a rare glimpse into daily life for Deir Ezzor, Syria — a city that's been under ISIS' grip since 2014.
Posted at 11:05 AM, Jul 07, 2016

These are the photos ISIS doesn't want you to see.

These images from the ISIS stronghold of Deir Ezzor are rare because they're so dangerous to post online.

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ISIS doesn't allow journalism or activism, but these photos were taken and posted by a photography community trying to shed light on the conflict anyway. 

That community — Lens of a Young Deri — told Newsy the photographers have to remain anonymous for their own security. 

The Committee to Protect Journalists reports that Syria has had the highest number of journalist deaths every year from 2012 to 2015. 

The United Nations estimates 200,000 people in the city have been living under siege since March 2014. 

This video includes images from Lens of a Young Deri. Music provided courtesy of APM Music.