Deadline Looms For Hong Kong Protesters To Back Down

Hong Kong's Chief Executive C.Y. Leung has called on protesters to clear the streets or he will take "all necessary actions" to restore order.
Posted at 8:09 AM, Oct 05, 2014

Hong Kong’s pro-democracy demonstrations have paralyzed the city. Now in their seventh day, those protesters face a looming deadline to clear out.

Bu so far, the tens of thousands of them show few signs of leaving. (Video via The Straits Times

Hong Kong's top leader, Chief Executive C.Y. Leung, has called on the protesters to disperse by Monday so classes can resume at schools and government offices can re-open. Order, he says, must be restored.

And that’s been the theme among Chinese media. Biting editorials this week have condemned the protests for disrupting daily life and ruining the city’s image. 

CCTV ANCHOR: “The Occupy Central movement has badly disrupted people’s lives in Hong Kong.” 

To be sure, the massive movement has brought chaos to Hong Kong's central business district. Shops have closed, roadways have been blocked and schools forced to close. 

On Friday, the otherwise peaceful demonstrations turned violent. Pro-Beijing groups, including suspected gang members, ripped down tents and tried to dislodge protesters. (Video viaSouth China Morning Post

Hong Kong’s chief executive issued a statement saying the government “strongly condemns all violent acts” and will take “all necessary actions” if the protesters fail to meet Monday’s deadline. He didn’t specify what he meant by the clear out or else warning.

The fear is, it’ll look something like this. A heavy-handed police response earlier this week involved tear gas and pepper spray but ultimately  backfired — motivating more Hong Kongers to join the protests. (Video via RT

For its part, the government says it’s open to resuming talks with the protest leaders. According to CNN, those protesters say they’ll only take part if the police do a better job handling the violence.