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Scripps News viewers request less Trump and politics, more positivity

Viewers called the Scripps News Viewer Hotline to weigh in on our coverage of former President Donald Trump, as well as hard news stories overall.
Posted at 12:43 PM, Sep 22, 2023

Scripps News has heard from thousands of viewers since launching a toll-free hotline in the spring.

Many viewers have offered praise, while others tell us there's room for improvement. And even though the presidential election is more than a year away, one candidate in particular is a regular focus of our coverage and your calls.

Rachelle from Oklahoma City said: “Since 2016, every news organization has bombarded the American people with daily, sometimes hourly, reporting on Donald Trump. If he sneezes we hear about it. I’m tired of Trump and I want to hear more stories like how the homeless are being housed, how the poor children are being fed, and how the elderly are being taken care of. I do find your reporting to be fair and honest, I’m just sick and tired of hearing about Trump on a daily basis.”

Former Pres. Trump does make a lot of news. He is the leading Republican contender to become our next president. He is also currently facing four indictments — a first for anyone who has held the highest office in the land.

Timeline: A rundown of the criminal indictments Trump faces
President Donald Trump speaks during a rally protesting the electoral college certification.

Timeline: A rundown of the criminal indictments Trump faces

As former President Donald Trump faces more criminal indictments, here's a look at the charges he is up against.


While Trump has ardent fans and vocal critics, we believe that fair reporting about him — and other presidential candidates — is warranted, so that you're equipped to make informed decisions come election time. 

But in Rachelle's call, we also heard a plea for balance, not just in how we cover the news, but in the types of stories we cover. And she's not the only one. 

Ryan from Cincinnati said: "I think you guys could use a lot more positivity in your news, rather than all of the negative, opinionated, political things. We’re all tired of hearing about Trump and Biden, and this and that and the other. Spread some positivity in everyone’s life.” 

Giving light is a critical part of our 100-year-old motto here at Scripps News, to serve as both a beacon of truth and of hope. But you're right that we can — and will — do more of that. 

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Austen MacMillan.

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It's our mission to shine a light on all sides of humanity and the human experience during this political season and for many years to come. So, please keep the feedback coming!  

Let us know how we’re doing — good or bad — anytime on our toll-free Scripps News Viewer Hotline at 1-833-4-SCRIPPS to lend your voice to the conversation.