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How Scripps News balances coverage of Biden and Trump

Viewers called into the Scripps News Viewer Hotline this week to share their thoughts on our coverage of President Biden and former President Trump.
Posted at 3:41 PM, Mar 08, 2024

We here at Scripps News take time each week to shine a light on the thousands of messages viewers have left on our toll-free Scripps News Viewer Hotline. With both Super Tuesday and President Joe Biden's State of the Union address this week, the presidential race is top of mind for many and our campaign coverage has received some criticism from both ends of the political spectrum.

David from Arizona said: “I’ve been listening to Trump for 10 minutes and all he is doing is lying, over and over, and I know what I’m talking about — so why do you have him on there giving him that free stage?”

Meanwhile, Phil said: “I say you fall short as a news organization. You seem more like an arm of the Democratic Party. I was watching for results of the election yesterday on Super Tuesday. And all you guys did was dog on Trump. Not one thing mentioned about Biden.”

Scripps News viewers who want more weekend coverage are getting it
Scripps News

Scripps News viewers who want more weekend coverage are getting it

Viewers asked and now they'll receive. Here's a look at the slate of new programming we're excited to start sharing in 2024.


Earlier this week when the Supreme Court ruled that states can't disqualify former President Donald Trump from the ballot, one YouTube user wrote: "Provoking division is not helpful … the decision was unanimous. Very biased 'journalism.'"

That was in response to our correspondent noting the question of Trump's eligibility for a second term was a divisive issue. While the Supreme Court's ruling was unanimous, there's no doubt that the issue has sharply animated supporters and opponents of the former president. 

That division is in fact how the question landed in front of the Supreme Court in the first place. And we feel that noting that there is division is not necessarily "provoking" division.

We take seriously our mission of providing you with facts so that you can decide for yourself. That requires us to name the facts.

During a contentious political race, at a time when many of you lack faith in the news media, we work hard to earn your trust through clear, factual reporting — free from the partisan slant you might see on other networks.

We will continue covering both political candidates — President Biden and former President Trump — with a focus on the facts. And if you think we've fallen short, let us know! We might even play your call right here on Scripps News.

How Scripps News refers to current and former presidents
Combination photo of President Joe Biden and former Presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama.

How Scripps News refers to current and former presidents

Many called the Scripps News Viewer Hotline this week to ask about our guidance on how we refer to the current president and former presidents on air.


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