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Son-In-Law Charged In Tenn. Mailbox Bombing

Authorities arrested and charged 49-year-old Richard Parker for the murder of Jon and Marion Setzer.
Posted at 9:03 PM, Feb 13, 2014

Investigators looking into the mail bomb that killed a Lebanon, Tennessee couple have arrested and charged the couple's son-in-law Thursday in connection with their murder.

Authorities indicted 49-year-old Richard Parker with two counts of felony first degree murder and two counts of premeditated murder. TheTennessean cites law enforcement officials who said Parker was taken into custody at his home.

Police said during a press conference they believe Parker carried out the attack by physically placing the bomb in Jon and Marian Setzer's mailbox. (Via WSMV)

WTVF reports the bomb exploded Monday, killing Jon Setzer at his home. Marian died Wednesday after being treated for injuries sustained during the explosion. 

During the investigation, CNN reported a handwritten note was found in the debris at the Setzer home, but law enforcement officials did not say if that's what led them to Parker. 

​CNN also cites the Tennessee Board of Investigation who say Parker has a criminal record and was convicted of arson in 1993. Parker is being held on $1,000,000 bond and the investigation is ongoing.