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Top 3 Things To Remember When You Inevitably Regift That Item

When it comes to regifting those not-so-wanted presents, there are three things you need to take into account.
Posted at 3:25 PM, Dec 26, 2015

OK, let’s be honest. We all received at least one gift this holiday season that wasn’t necessarily on our wish lists. In fact, you might even be considering regifting it to someone else within the next year. And that’s where we come in with the three things you need to remember when you choose to take this somewhat looked-down-upon route.

First, while three out of four people told American Express that regifting is socially acceptable, you should still probably have a pretty sound reason for regifting. 

And "I don't really like this person, so I thought it was fine to not spend any time searching for a gift for them" is not a valid excuse. 

Instead, The Emily Post Institute says one should really only regift if "you're certain that the gift is something the recipient would really like to receive" or if the gift in question is brand new. Don't go giving gifts that have already been used. That's weird. 

Important thing to remember No. 2: Rewrap the gift. 

This also allows you to find anything that would insinuate the gift was given to you at some point. Because giving a gift with a tag that says, "Love you! From: Tom" is just plain awkward. Unless your name is Tom, of course. (Video via Martha Stewart)

"If you're not going to rewrap, at the very least, though, use a gift bag. And I'll tell you why: Gift bags are the sweat pants of gift wrapping. Sure, it's lazy, but it's undeniably better than not putting on anything at all," John Oliver said on "Last Week Tonight."

And finally, choose your recipient wisely. 

Several etiquette experts told CNN one should never "regift a present among the same social circle." Also, don't try to give a regifted item to your parents or siblings. 

And this should be pretty obvious, but: Do not regift the present to the person who gave it to you in the first place. You might not think they'll remember, but trust us, they will. No one forgets things like that. And we're betting they can hold a grudge. Big time. 

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