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Top 3 Heartwarming Stories Of The Week

Get your tissues ready! We\'ve compiled a list of the top three heartwarming stories making headlines this week.
Posted at 3:58 PM, Nov 15, 2013

Get your tissues ready — here are the top three heartwarming stories making headlines this week.

Coming in at number three, a big surprise for one woman on "Good Morning America." Jackie Fairchild thought she was on the show to help honor her boyfriend, Sam Peikert, a Coast Guard petty officer, on Veteran's Day. (Via KOMO)

But when Jackie got pulled into the green room to get her hair and makeup done, she knew something else was going on. And sure enough, during Jason Derulo's live performance of his song, "Marry Me" ...

"Will you marry me?" (Via ABC)

She said yes.

Number two — 10-year-old Rylie Higa was missing her mother like crazy — she's been deployed in South Korea for nine months. (Via Daily Mail)

So Rylie decided to do something about it. She wrote a letter to President Obama asking if he could "call her [mother's] boss and tell him/her to please let her off" for Rylie's birthday. (Via HLN)

After her mother, Melissa, heard about the letter, she decided to surprise Rylie by granting her wish and coming home to see her. (Via WHTM)

And finally, at number one, a Katy Perry song inspired an 8-year-old boy with autism to do what his parents thought was impossible.

Jack Robbins has a severe form of autism and, for his entire life, has only been able to communicate his most basic needs by uttering single words. He rarely expressed emotion. Until ... (Via KREM)

*Robbins singing* (Via YouTube / Carla Robbins)

Yep, that's the chorus to Katy Perry's hit song "Roar." Jack's parents say they're amazed their son found a way to express his love for something. Make sure to tune in next week for our next top three picks!