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Police Up Reward Money In 2-Year Murder Case

Two years after a New York woman was murdered, Crime Stoppers is offering a $2,500 reward for information leading to the suspected killer.
Posted at 10:03 AM, Apr 26, 2014

New York state authorities are upping the ante in the two-year murder case of Tammy Palmer. Crime Stoppers is offering $2,500 for any information leading to Eugene Palmer, the man police believe killed her.

"Police suspect the 74-year-old fatally shot Tammy, who was his daughter-in-law, in Haverstraw back in 2012. Some family members say Eugene could have died by now due to diabetes, a heart condition and other ailments." (Via News 12 Westchester

But authorities believe the former park ranger disappeared into Harriman state park — which is abut 46,000 acres. Eugene Palmer's remains were never found, so he could still be alive. Haverstraw Police Lt. said, "We continually follow leads, whether that means searches of the woods or whether we follow leads by other means." (Via The Journal News)

Police say they believe Palmer has since escaped the park, is on the run and is armed and dangerous. He was immediately named a suspect after Tammy Palmer's body was found outside his home. (Via WNBC)

According to Fox News, authorities believe Tammy's murder was premeditated. 

"Investigators say Palmer became increasingly enraged over problems and her estranged husband... according to police Palmer drove to his niece's home shortly after the shooting, gave her money to pay his taxes and told her to wait an hour before calling 911." 

And while police say Palmer knows that park like the back of his hand, they add if he were there they would have found him or his remains by now. His truck was found abandoned in the park.

Les Stroud, a wilderness guide and host of the cable television show “Survivorman,” told The New York Times, "An experienced woodsman could survive the rest of their lives in a park if they wanted to." (Via The New York Times

The search for Eugene Palmer is now international and authorities ask anyone with information to call Haverstraw Police Department or Crime Stoppers.