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Obama's Texas Talks: Immigration, Economy And BBQ

President Obama visited Texas this week, and he made headlines for three topics — his immigration policies, the U.S. economy and ... barbeque?
Posted at 11:26 AM, Jul 11, 2014

President Obama made a stop in Texas this week after spending some time in Colorado. (Via Getty Images)

The president made headlines for three topics — his immigration policies, the U.S. economy and ... barbeque? 

"After his speech at the Paramount, the motorcade made its way to Franklin Barbeque, where employees say President Obama bought some brisket, turkey, pecan pie, lemon chess pie for dessert. He picked up the tab for some other people there as well." (Via KTBC)

As presidents tend to do, Obama cut to the front of the line at the popular Austin eatery Thursday. But he made up for it by offering to pay for the two people he jumped in front of. (Via KVUE)

But before that barbeque pit stop, the president was served something a little different during a passionate speech at Austin's Paramount Theatre on immigration reform Thursday — heckling.

(shouts from man in the audience)

OBAMA: "I'm sorry, what are you yelling about now? Sit down guys, I'm almost done. Come on. Sit down, I'll talk to you afterwards. I promise." (Via The White House)

It's unclear exactly what the heckler was saying, but Obama was in the middle of talking about immigration reform.

As The New York Times notes, the president knew he would be going up against liberal and conservative critics of his policies on immigration during his Texas visit, particularly his handling of a humanitarian crisis on the southern border.

And he came out strong against those critics. Obama expressed his frustration Thursday in Austin with Congress' hold up in passing an immigration reform bill. (Via The White House)

"​Ronald Reagan passed immigration reform, and you love Ronald Reagan, so let's go ahead and do it." ​​(Via The White House)

During that same campaign-style speech, the president pointed the finger at Republicans in Congress — arguing they're unwilling to solve the economic problems Americans face today. (Via Getty Images)

But Obama told a different crowd at a Dallas fundraiser Wednesday night the economy is the best it's been in years, and it can only get better from here. (Via The Texas Tribune)

"I'm here for every American who works their tail off and does everything right and who believes in the American dream and asks for nothing but a chance at a decent life for themselves and their families." (Via The White House)

White House senior advisor Dan Pfeiffer said Obama's fervent Texas talks were meant to get people to look past the cynicism in Washington.

He told The Washington Post, "The point he’s making is if you look at what’s happening in Washington, you think everything is a mess. But if you actually look at what’s happening in the country, especially the economy, we’ve made real progress, and there are opportunities to continue growing and succeeding."

Obama returned to The White House Thursday evening. It's unclear whether he will return to Texas to visit the border region at the center of the immigration crisis, as Governor Rick Perry and other Republicans have urged him to do.