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NY Latinos Claim Officers Stole, Racially Profiled Them

A report from The New York Times says more Latino immigrants have come forward against the Suffolk Police Department.
Posted at 3:04 PM, Mar 04, 2014

New York's Suffolk County Police Department is now facing new and possibly more involved allegations of theft and racial profiling against Latinos. 

A report from The New York Times states several Latino individuals have come forward about a police officer or police officers profiling and stealing from them. The report states "at least a dozen men, all undocumented immigrants from Latin America, have told immigrants’ advocates and the Suffolk County district attorney’s office that they were robbed by a police officer during a traffic stop in or near this Long Island hamlet."

This latest report comes while the Suffolk County Police Department, located about an hour out of New York City, is already on the Justice Department's bad side for allegedly profiling Latinos. 

The DoJ launched an investigation and arrested one officer, Sgt. Scott Greene, for stealing from an undercover investigator in late January. He was a 25-year veteran of the Suffolk department. (Via News 12 Long Island

"Prosecutors set up a sting ... and Greene took the bait — pulling over an undercover Hispanic driver, ordering him out of the car, stealing cash that had been marked with florescent dye." (Via WCBS

"There is no reason to believe any other officer is involved." (Via WNBC

The New York Times' report doesn't identify any other officers involved besides Greene, but one immigrant told the paper he's been stopped multiple times for reasons officers never told him. He believes he was being racially profiled. 

Officials have not released Greene's photo in hopes that if more accusers are out there, they can positively identify the officer.