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Navy Searching For Missing Pilot After Crash

Officials are searching for a U.S. Navy aircraft pilot after a crash over the Pacific Ocean Friday.
Posted at 2:52 PM, Sep 12, 2014

Officials are searching for a U.S. Navy aircraft pilot after a crash over the Pacific Ocean Friday.

The Navy announced early Friday morning that two of itsF/A-18 Hornets jets had crashed into each other. It says one pilot has been recovered and is now receiving medical treatment, while search teams have been sent out in hopes of rescuing the other. Neither aircraft has been recovered. 

Both jets were on their way to the aircraft carrierUSS George H.W. Bush in the Persian Gulf. The carrier's planes have been flying combat missions over Iraq. The cause of the crash is said to be under investigation. 

This is the second Navy jet crash this year. In June, a U.S. Navy Super Hornet went down over the Pacific Ocean. The pilot was recovered, but three months later we still don't know what caused the crash. 

When the Navy first tweeted about Friday's crash, it was flooded with supportive replies and promises to pray for the pilots. 

But still, many are asking for more details. A commenter on the Navy's statement page wrote, "I also think we're not being told the whole story. So how [do] 2 F-18's crash flying over the ocean?"

The Navy says more information will be released as it becomes available. 

This video contains images from the U.S. Navy.