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Massive 45 Car Pileup On Ind. Highway Kills 3

Police say inclement weather was likely the main factor in a pileup that involved at least 45 vehicles and killed three people.
Posted at 8:44 AM, Jan 24, 2014

Snowy conditions led to a huge pileup on eastbound I-94 in Indiana Thursday that killed three and left one in critical condition.

"Whiteout conditions may have been a factor. Heavy to moderate snow has been falling and has reduced visibility." (Via CNN)

"It went from sunshine to complete no visibility. So when they entered in it turned into slide-off, crash, crash , and then multiplied into what we have now." (Via WMAQ)

"Indiana State troopers just updated us and told us they now believe anywhere from 45 or 46 vehicles may have been involved." (Via WBBM)

WXMI reports it took rescuers more than four hours to retrieve the last of the more than 20 people injured in the accident. The man was airlifted to a nearby hospital.

WSBT reports the wreck, which mangled some vehicles beyond recognition, shut down portions of the interstate.

Eastbound traffic is being diverted onto a nearby county road while crews work to clear the debris and stranded vehicles.

Westbound lanes of I-94 had reopened as of Friday morning. Police told WSBT the eastbound lanes likely won't open to traffic until sometime later on Friday.