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Lions Kill Lioness In Front Of Visitors At Dallas Zoo

Two lions grabbed a 5-year-old lioness by the throat in front of visitors, killing her. Animal experts are baffled as to why.
Posted at 7:44 AM, Nov 19, 2013

Animal experts are looking for answers after two lions killed a lioness at the Dallas Zoo — right in front of visitors.

"Picture taken just minutes before the attack. Witnesses say one of the male lions was seen biting Johari on the throat, and the other went in for the kill."

"You just stand there and can't believe what's happening." (Via KTVT)

"At first you think they're playing and then you realize he's killing her, and you're watching it, and you can't believe your eyes."

"Just had his mouth over her throat, and everybody thought they were playing at first..." (Via TXCN)

The zoo's Dr. Lynn Kramer has worked in zoos for more than 30 years, and said he'd never heard of something like this. 

"Been together constantly the past three years. There are prides in Africa with multiple males and females. We really don't know what caused this." (Via KDFW)

The attack happened Sunday, and Monday the exhibit was back open — though the male lions were separated from the female lionesses. (ViaKXAS)

The zoo says there is no chance that the male lions will be euthanized — they think this is an isolated incident. (Via KHOU)

KTVT spoke with an animal expert who said that lions only usually turn on their family members if they are sick or display some unusual behavior — but the zoo isn't sure if 5-year-old Johari was behaving oddly.