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How The Bill Nye Creation Debate Funded A Noah's Ark Replica

A recent increase in donations will make a 510-foot replica of Noah\'s Ark a reality. The ark will be part of a $120 million theme park in Kentucky.
Posted at 3:25 PM, Feb 28, 2014

The Creation Museum in northern Kentucky announced it has enough funding in place to build a 510-foot replica of Noah's Ark as part of a creationist theme park. 

"The founder of the Creation Museum, who is behind the project, says a recent debate with Bill Nye 'The Science Guy' over evolution has encouraged investors to give money." (Via WKYT)

Nye and Creation Museum founder Ken Ham debated the topic of evolution in early February at Ham's home turf. (via YouTube / Answers in Genesis

"As a Christian, I would ask Bill the question: What would change your mind?" Ham asked.


"We would need evidence that the universe is not expanding, we would need evidence that the stars appear to be far away, but they're not," Nye said. (via MSNBC)

The Courier-Journal reports the debate spurred an increase in donations for the $120 million-plus theme park, enough to make the Ark Encounter theme park a reality. 

According to plans on the project's website, the Noah's Ark replica will cost $24.5 million and its all-wood construction will be based off the description found in the Bible. (Via Ark Encounter)

And according to details from the Bible, that means the new Ark project could be made of lower, middle and upper decks. The wood type described in the passages is cypress. (Via BibleGateway.com)

Nye wasn't too pleased when he heard the news, though.

"Now Nye said he was disappointed the project would go forward and hopes that 'it goes out of business.'" (Via WXIX

According to its website, the "Ark Encounter" theme park has already raised $14 million and is expected to open in Williamstown, Ky., in 2016.