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After 100 Days, Arizona Voters Rate President Biden's Performance

Recent polls indicate the 46th president is enjoying broad support in the Grand Canyon State.
Posted at 9:41 PM, Apr 27, 2021

Rita Brown voted for Donald Trump in 2020. 

She’s a registered Republican who says President Joe Biden has done an “OK” job during his first hundred days in office.

“I’d say I’m pleasantly surprised, yeah,” Brown told Newsy. “At first, when he first came in, I was concerned because of the executive orders. ... However, I’m not as upset as I thought I might be at the outcome.” 

"Biden’s enjoying some really strong favorability numbers here in what’s historically been a really ruby red Republican state in Arizona,” said Mike Noble, the chief of research and managing partner at OH Predictive Insights, the largest nonpartisan private polling company in Arizona.  

Noble says recent polls indicate the 46th president is enjoying broad support across the political spectrum in the Grand Canyon State.

“Right now, Joe Biden's actually at 55% job approval rating, with only about 39-40% saying he’s not doing a good job,” noted Noble.

In Chandler, a city southeast of Phoenix, voters Tuesday were mixed, with many Republicans telling Newsy they’re unhappy with the job President Biden is doing. 

But Robert Leigh, a lifelong Republican from Apache Junction, said President Trump led him to change his voter registration to independent. 

“He’s great,” Leigh said of President Biden, whom he voted for in 2020. “[He’s] getting things done.”

Some Biden voters told us it's still too early to say whether the president is doing a good job. 

“Let's wait. Let's see,” Nancy Trebano told Newsy, adding that she wanted to see more of President Biden’s plans to address immigration.

Noble says the president’s high numbers among Arizonans are indicative of a honeymoon phase, with President Biden’s biggest policy battles still to come. 

“The [favorability] numbers most likely are not going to stay that high,” he said.