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High-End Call Girl Linked To Another Heroin Death

Police believe call girl Alix Tichelman could be behind the death of a 53-year-old bar manager in Georgia.
Posted at 11:26 PM, Jul 10, 2014

Georgia authorities shared new details Thursday about a second death that might've involved high-end call girl Alix Tichelman. (Via Santa Cruz Police Department)

Tichelman is already facing murder charges in California for allegedly not trying to save the life of a Google exec after she injected him with heroin. (Via Syracuse.com)

Georgia authorities say the case caused them to re-examine a death that occurred two months prior. 

​Police say Tichelman was dating 53-year-old Dean Riopolle in 2013 when he died the same way. Tichelman called 911 to report what she described as an "accidental" heroin overdose:  (Via Twitter / @AKKennedyxx)

Dispatcher: "Ok why do you think it's an overdose?"

Tichelman: "Because there's nothing else it could be. I know that for a fact."  

Dispatcher: "Accidental or intentional?"  

Tichelman: "I think oh, definitely accidental, accidental."​ (Via CNN)

That phone call is a lot more than police say Tichelman did for the Google exec, though. 

According to police, security footage shows Tichelman injecting 51-year-old Forrest Hayes with heroin on his boat and then just leaving when it was apparent something went wrong. (Via KNTV)

​Police: "In gathering her things, she was literally stepping over the body."​ (Via KGO-TV)

Police arrested Tichelman this week by pretending to be a client. (Via Facebook / Alix Catherine Tichelman)

Tichelman is currently being held in a California jail on $1.5 million bail.