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Heartwarming Soldier Reunion At Phoenix Suns Game

A soldier surprised his son at a Phoenix Suns game after being in Afghanistan for nearly 10 months.
Posted at 12:32 PM, Apr 15, 2014

​A heartwarming father-son reunion during a Phoenix Suns game brought the fans to their feet in applause.

Army National Guard Spc. Jamie Bledsoe had just finished his first tour in Afghanistan and hadn’t seen his son, Logan, in nearly 10 months. (Via KTVK)

"Eight-year-old Logan Bledsoe was blindfolded during a timeout. Now, he thought he was supposed to follow the cheers of the crowd to meet the team's mascot, but instead he found his dad." (Via NBC)

And the reunion was quite a tearjerker. Bledsoe was both surprised and pleased with his son's reaction.

"It feels great. It worked out perfectly, and I didn't expect that much of a reaction from him ... but it was good." (Via KPHO)

While Bledsoe was overseas, he says he tried his hardest to stay in contact with his family through Skype and letters. But, as you can imagine, Logan missed his dad.

"It's been really hard." (Via KTVK)

According to KTVK, the two watched the rest of the Suns game together, and have a lot of activities planned for this upcoming week because it also happens to be Logan's spring break.