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Formerly Conjoined Twins Released From Dallas Hospital

Conjoined twins Emmett and Owen Ezell were separated by doctors in August. Now, nearly nine months later, they're being released from the hospital.
Posted at 2:11 PM, Apr 16, 2014

A set of formerly conjoined twins separated at a Dallas hospital last summer are taking a big step toward heading home.

"This is video here of the formerly conjoined twins Emmett and Owen. They were born last July and separated in Dallas in August. Since then, they have lived in the neonatal intensive care unit." (Via KXAS)

But officials at Medical City Children's Hospital say, now that the Ezell twins are stronger, they're ready to move from the hospital to a rehab center later this week. (Via KDFW)

The twins' mother, Jenni, told KXAS: "I am so excited. I am shaking, I am so excited. We have been waiting months for this, and it's finally here."

The now-9-month-old boys have come a long way to get to this point.

According to NBC, Emmett and Owen were born connected from the chest to the bellybutton — they even shared a liver and intestines and had a small area on their lower stomach that wasn't covered by skin or muscles.

The twins' parents were told there was little hope that the boys would survive. But during a challenging 9-hour surgery, doctors were able to safely separate them. 

"God causes things to happen, and in looking at their care, and everything that's gone on, it's just a real privilege to be a part of that." (Via WFAA)

ABC reports while the boys are in the rehab facility, the Ezell family will learn how to manage the twins' feeding tubes and breathing tubes until they can eat and breathe on their own.

And after that? The Ezells hope they can soon bring their "little miracles" home to join their other two sons.