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Family Cat Saves Little Boy From Dog Attack

Tara the cat charged after a dog attacking a little boy. She was able to scare the dog away and save the boy from further injury.
Posted at 5:18 PM, May 14, 2014

"This is surveillance video from the family's home in southwest. You can see the boy on his bike when the dog sneaks up, grabs his leg, and starts pulling him. But here comes Tara, the family cat." (Via KERO)

That's right. In a shocking turn of events, a heroic cat sprang into action to save a little boy from a vicious dog attack. It happened in Bakersfield, California. You can see the cat run up and push the dog away from the boy, Jeremy Triantafilo. Shortly after, the boy's mother, Erika, comes to her son's aid. (Via KERO)

KGET says the 4-year-old boy needed 10 stitches from the incident. His mother was reportedly outside at the time of the attack and tried to chase the dog away, but she was bitten, too.

According to The Bakersfield Californian, Tara the cat is a former stray who just followed the family home one day. She's been the family pet for six years now. 

Although little Jeremy did require a few stitches to his leg, his parents are happy the situation didn't turn out much worse. They credit the cat with helping save Jeremy from additional damage. (Via KERO)

"I've never seen a cat do that, especially ours. ... Just to see how Tara reacted in defending him, just right away, instinctively, was really heartwarming for us to see that." (Via KERO

The dog reportedly belongs to a neighbor and was voluntarily taken to an animal shelter.