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Eric Frein, Suspect In Pa. Cop Killing, Captured Alive

Frein, who has led police on a 48-day manhunt, was reportedly taken into custody Thursday night without any shots fired.
Posted at 8:04 PM, Oct 30, 2014

A seven-week manhunt in Pennsylvania is over Thursday as police say they've taken Eric Frein into custody.

Frein is accused of ambushing and killing state trooper Bryon Dickson and injuring trooper Alex Douglass in early September. He then disappeared into the rugged terrain of the Pocono Mountains and repeatedly managed to evade police.

The 31-year-old fugitive was found in an abandoned airport hanger in Tannersville, Pennsylvania. Police say he was armed at the time, but surrendered without a struggle when he saw that he was surrounded. (Video via WCAU)

A self-trained survivalist, authorities have said they believe Frein spent months or years planning for this scenario, and that his ambush was likely motivated by strong feelings against law enforcement. (Video via ABC)

The manhunt included more than 1,000 law enforcement agents, as well as tracking dogs, helicopters and even a surveillance balloon. The FBI put Frein at the top of its "Ten Most Wanted" list. (Video via WNEP)

Nearby residents have repeatedly claimed to have seen Frein, and he became a kind of bogeyman for the area.

WTXF: "With state police searching for Frein over the past two months, we've brought you stories of neighbors who have been seriously, well, on edge. Officials in that area actually cancelled Halloween festivities, even a parade."

It's not known what Frein planned to do after the ambush, but early in the search police found what they say are two pipe bombs when they discovered some of the suspect's camping equipment.

A law enforcement source told WCAU the arresting officers got a little poetic justice: Frein was detained using Officer Dickson's handcuffs.

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