U.S. NewsDERAILED: Disaster in East Palestine


Air and water safety in East Palestine, Ohio is still unknown

Chemicals spilled after the train derailment in Ohio have locals wondering if their land is safe.
Posted at 6:27 PM, Feb 19, 2023

Tim and Carrie Workman have lived south of East Palestine, Ohio for 40 years. But the Norfolk Southern rail disaster and the poisonous pollutants from it have them wondering if they can stay.

Dangerous chemicals inside the rail cars like vinyl chloride burned or spilled onto the land and nearby creeks.

While the village’s water municipal water supply has been deemed safe to drink, the Workmans have a private well. State officials say those kinds of wells need to be separately tested, which Ohio is doing. 

Meanwhile, the Workmans are thinking of buying a home filtration system. 

The rail company’s CEO visited East Palestine on Saturday, telling other news media that he was there “to support the community.”  

Despite the assurance about their water supply, many in the town of 4,700 prefer bottled water. Out of town volunteers handed out cases of water to those who asked. 

Many people aren’t reassured about the rail company’s cleanup efforts — and many still don't truly know if home is safe or a risk to their health.


One of the few researchers studying vinyl chloride's health effects

One of the few researchers studying vinyl chloride's health effects

How much is too much exposure? And does long term exposure to low levels have an impact? The answer is still largely unknown.