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Crying Chorus After Snowy Sled Ride Makes Parents Laugh

John Stewart whipped out his phone to record his two sons bawling. One didn't want the sledding fun to end; the other was just cold.
Posted at 3:22 PM, Feb 12, 2015

Ah, snow. Pro: It's pretty. Con: It's cold. Pro: It's fun to play in. Con: It's friggin' cold. 

It was supposed to be a fun day filled with snow and laughter in Madison, Wisconsin, but it ended in snowy tears instead. Because. Snow is cold — like we said. (Video via YouTube / John Stewart)

"Lewie, are you cold?"

Lewis and August had just spent thirty minutes sledding. Their father, John Stewart, told us on Skype his two boys weren't crying for the same reason, though: 

"I think the eldest was upset, was crying because he didn't want to leave. The youngest was upset because he had snow in his sleeve ... "It was like a foot of powdered snow, so as you went down, it just blew in your face." Stewart said.

And being cold is uncomfortable for anybody — unless you're Olaf. 

And even he had dreams of summer. (Video via Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / "Frozen"

Stewart told us he just couldn't resist recording. There's no business like snow business.

"As we were hauling them to the car, they were just screaming. ... My wife and I were both entertained by it, and I whipped out the phone and recorded a few seconds of it."

Stewart says the boys cried for about two minutes and were totally fine. He also told us his sons would be right back out in that snow in a heartbeat.

This video includes images from Getty Images, video from YouTube / John Stewart and music from Marco Trovatello / CC BY NC 3.0.