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Clues In Fla. Mansion Fire, Family Of 4 Suspected Dead

Investigators haven't identified the four people dead in a pro tennis player's Florida home, but the case looks more and more like a murder-suicide.
Posted at 10:20 AM, May 08, 2014

A massive fire in one of the Tampa area's most exclusive neighborhoods leads emergency crews to four bodies dead inside a mansion. While much of the early headlines focused on the house belonging to an ex-pro tennis player, it appears the people found dead inside were renters and their deaths are suspicious. (Via WFTS)

The mansion fire continues to be one of the most talked about headlines in the region. The incident started with a 911 call Wednesday morning.

CALLER: "The fire's in the house. I was walking my dogs. As I walked by, the house exploded. And I ran home to call people." (Via WFLA)

It took several hours for fire crews to get into the house and put the blaze out. (Via WFLA)

Investigators say that explosion the 911 caller mentioned was likely from fireworks placed throughout the house. But that wasn't the only reason local outlets like The Tampa Tribune headlined the case as arson.

During a press conference, a colonel with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office said all four bodies were found in their respective bedrooms, with two of them having trauma to the upper body.

Teens Colin and Megan Campbell lived in the home with their parents, Darrin and Kim. Neighbors believe they're the people found inside. (Via WFTS)

While officials haven't openly speculated what happened inside the home, several media outlets have hinted at a possible murder-suicide.

Reporters at the scene noted investigators said residents of the neighborhood were not in any danger despite the fire and apparent killings. (Via WTVT)

The owner of the home is former pro tennis player James Blake, who retired last year, but Blake's agent says he now lives in Connecticut. (Via Flickr / Paul VanDerWerf)

Sheriff's investigators say the Campbell family leased Blake's house the last two years. (Via Tampa Bay Times)