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Another Lotto Winner Credits Fortune Cookies

Picking lotto numbers from fortune cookies seems to be the new trend. A San Jose woman won more than $400,000 using numbers from a fortune cookie.
Posted at 8:46 AM, Mar 24, 2014

What are the odds? It seems another person has won the lottery thanks to fortune cookies. The latest with such good fortune is a woman in San Jose.

"Merces Goncalves won more than $421,000 by matching five of six winning numbers ... She says she picked those numbers from the message in her fortune cookie." (Via KGO-TV)

Goncalves is a longtime lotto player. It finally paid off when she won in the March 4th Mega Millions drawing. She credits the lucky numbers she received in five different fortune cookies.

Govcalves correctly picked all five white balls, but missed the Mega number by one digit. The Mega number was 10, she picked 9, losing out on $240 million dollars. (Via Mega Millions)

Goncalves tells the Los Gatos Patch she doesn't care she didn't win the big jackpot. She and her husband plan on using the money to go on a Hawaiian honeymoon. That's to make up for the one they couldn't afford 52 years ago. 

Goncalves is not the first person to credit fortune cookies for their win. Emma Duvoll, a 75-year-old New Yorker, won $2 million the same way back in February.

Duvoll said before the drawing, she had tried all the usual number combinations, from birthdays to anniversaries. That's when she decided to use the numbers on the back of her fortune cookie. 

She told the New York Post“You try anything once. And this time it worked!”

Maybe those little cookies are in fact "fortunate". It's probably a lot more luck of the draw. Either way, these two women are definitely winners.