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8-year-old in hospice wants 2,000 cards for Christmas: How to help

Andrew Miller was always excited to get cards in the mail, and it's now cheering him up while he's in the hospital.
Posted at 4:51 PM, Dec 05, 2023

If you're looking to give some love this holiday season, there is a young boy who would appreciate getting a Christmas or birthday card from you.

Andrew Miller is an 8-year-old who enjoys cards and loves reading them every day. He was diagnosed with two types of Stage 4 cancers last year.

"He has a DLBCL lymphoma, which is rarely found in children," said Linda Miller, Andrew's mom. "It's more found in older adults, and then, he had the high-grade glioma.".

Following surgery, treatment and many doctor appointments, Andrew's lymphoma was in remission, but last summer, after his Make-A-Wish trip, his high-grade glioma spread.

"He's got so many little tumors starting in our inoperable places and there's nothing we could do about it," his mom said.

Though Linda and her husband haven't lost hope, it's become harder and harder for little Andrew to fight.

"He started just lying here, just not eating really," Linda said.

So, his parents came up with a plan to get his spirits up again.

"Every time something comes in the mail, he's all excited, so for his birthday we're trying to get him 1,000 birthday cards," Linda said.

And, well, it worked.

"He's back to bouncing all over, and we're just happy," said Linda.

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With eight days left until his ninth birthday on Dec. 12, the excitement is high, as Andrew has already received hundreds of pieces of mail from schools, churches and community members. 

Andrew says he loves reading the cards because they give him something to look forward to. But for Linda, it's more than a message on card stock; it's a way she's able to give her son relief from the sickness they can't beat.

"As a parent, there's nothing worse than watching your child suffer," she said. "You want to, you feel like you're supposed to make your child feel good. You're supposed to protect them."

Although they might have met their first goal of 1,000, Andrew wants to try and hit 2,000 next with Christmas and birthday cards. He says his favorite cards include pictures, music, snacks and, sometimes, money.

If you would like to send a card, the mailing information is below:


Truman House Community Hospice

716 Commercial Ave. SW

New Philadelphia, OH 44663

This story was originally published by Nadeen Abusada at Scripps News Cleveland.