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Google Glass Partners With Maker Of Ray-Ban, Oakley

The wearable tech arms race continues with Google striking a partnership with Luxottica, the world's largest eyewear company.
Posted at 10:00 AM, Mar 25, 2014

The wearable tech arms race continues with Google striking a partnership with Luxottica, the largest eyewear company in the world and the manufacturer of the popular Ray-Ban and Oakley glasses. 

"Okay Glass..."

The partnership betweeen Luxottica and Google could solve a big problem for Google Glass.

As the Wall Street Journal puts it, "Google Inc. has won a powerful ally in its fight to make Google Glass cool."

And CNET adds "perhaps Google is doubling down on its propaganda campaign to convince the world that Glass is much more than just nerd goggles."

But the partnership could potentially mean more than just cool points for Google — it could mean two national retail chains to carry and distribute Google's favorite toy. 

The Luxottica Group owns both the Sunglass Hut and LensCraters which combined means more than 3,000 stores worldwide. 

But Luxottica claims this is not a one-sided partnership and the company that owns 80% of the world's glass wear brands will benefit as well.

"We believe it is high time to combine the unique expertise, deep knowledge and quality of our Group with the cutting edge technology expertise of Google and give birth to a new generation of revolutionary devices.”

So when? When are my extra cool Ray-Ban's gonna get their extra nerdy upgrade?

No time soon, Google said in a statement, "You’re not going to see Glass on your favorite Oakleys or Ray-Bans tomorrow." And by tomorrow we're assuming the tech company means at least this year.