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Las Vegas teacher uses TikTok to spread holiday cheer to students

Every year, a high school runs a program called "Wishmas." It's an idea that uses social media to find a way to make wishes come true.
Posted at 5:27 PM, Nov 30, 2023

A Las Vegas teacher is using her popular TikTok account to help students in need.

Cheri Guy, better known as Ms.Guy on TikTok, is in her first year of teaching at Desert Pines High School. She teaches English and works with the Jaguar Academy, a program helping at-risk students.

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Every year, the high school runs a program called "Wishmas," in which students write down the gift they would like most, and the school works with members of the community to purchase those gifts and spread the holiday spirit.

Guy says she was inspired by this program and plans to help in any way she can.

"This is my home, these are my kids, this is my community," Guy said. 

The school says it does its best to purchase gifts for all the students who sign up, but the school usually has to select students who they'll buy gifts for, since there are so many in need.

@attagirlguy So much fun with Ryan cooing out to help Wishmas! #teacher #wishmas #tiktokfamily #spreadkindness #lasvegas ♬ original sound - JustSomeGuy

Out of the over 3,000 students at the high school, more than 900 signed. When Guy found out how many students were in need at her school, she released a video calling for gift-giving help from the more than 163,000 followers she has on TikTok.

Her followers answered the call.

"We have probably filled over 300 'Wishmases,' and the teachers have probably filled another 100," Guy said.

The work is not done yet, though. There are still over 500 students who need gifts through this program. 

You can find a full list of the items students want this holiday season online

You can also donate to help Guy and the community purchase more gifts. 

The gifts these students are asking for are what's catching everyone's attention.

"They literally put that they want a bag of Takis, and their reason is that it will help them not be hungry," Guy said.

Other students asked for help with covering their family's grocery bill, gifts for family members or even slippers to keep warm at night. Guy says all the gift requests have touched her heart and the hearts of the administration at Desert Pines High School.

"These are students that have struggles, but what I love about them is they'll give you the shirt off their back even when they don't have the shirt to give off their back," said Desert Pines High School Principal Isaac Stein. Students say they see the impact of these gifts too. 

"It really just helps as my mom being a single mother as well and trying to work," said Desert Pines High School senior Araceli Sanchez. "It can be really hard sometimes."

Guy says after all the gifts are purchased, she will host a wrapping event that you can join and help prepare all the gifts for the students.

This story was originally published by Ryan Ketcham at Scripps News Las Vegas