Thousands Line Up At Dallas Food Bank For Thanksgiving Meals

Many families are relying on food banks this holiday season to provide meals amid the pandemic.
Posted at 5:19 PM, Nov 17, 2020

Take a look at these pictures out of Dallas. Over the weekend more than 6,000 cars lined up to receive food ahead of Thanksgiving. 

The North Dallas Food Bank gave away more than 7,000 turkeys and over 600,000 pounds of food. 

The group said it was its largest food giveaway to date.

And a food bank called “Feeding South Florida” is asking the public for donations. It went from accepting 160 trailers of food a week to just 14. 

The program says it’s facing a so-called commodity cliff, where food distribution could be cut by 50 percent after the holidays. 

Executive Vice President Sari Vatske said: "Now we are receiving inbound food from USDA in a few streams and come December 31st, that’s going away. This has to come from a stimulus bill. There has to be additional resources, food, funds coming from USDA."