States, Cities Implement Mandates To Protect Kids From COVID-19

From mask mandates to vaccine requirements, many places are tightening restrictions to fight back against the spread of the virus.
Posted at 12:20 PM, Sep 28, 2021

The coronavirus is still hitting kids hard. Two hundred fifty-eight children 17 and under were admitted to the hospital last week, according to the CDC's most recent weekly average. Now, cities and states are putting in new mandates to help keep them safe.

A mask mandate begins in one of Tennessee's largest school districts today, following a federal judge's order.

An Arizona judge struck down a ban on mask mandates in schools, just days before it was about to become a law. Massachusetts is extending its mask requirements in all public K-12 schools through Nov. 1. And starting in New York today, hospitals and nursing homes can dismiss unvaccinated workers.