U.S. COVID-19 Cases Hit One-Day Record At More Than 100K

Daily new confirmed coronavirus cases in the U.S. have surged 45 percent over the past two weeks.
Posted at 4:13 PM, Nov 05, 2020

Covid-19 surging uncontrolled in America. The U.S. recorded a daily high of 104,004 new infections Wednesday. 

Daily new confirmed coronavirus cases in the U.S. have surged 45 percent over the past two weeks, and new infections are increasing in nearly every state.

It’s happening in every region of the country. Some of the fastest increases include Maine, Minnesota, Iowa and Colorado.

"To be blunt, if we don't do better in Colorado, then more Coloradans will die unnecessarily." Gov. Jared Polis (D) Colorado said.

"We could exceed the April peak and hospitalizations by mid-November or sooner,"  Elizabeth Carlton Public Health Assistant Professor, University of Colorado Boulder said.

On Wednesday, Texas reported the most new cases in one day, more than 9,000. About a third of those are in hard-hit El Paso, where officials hoped field hospitals and a two-week, city-wide shutdown would stop the spread. It didn’t.

 The number of coronavirus patients in hospitals in Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma set records, too. In Nebraska, hospitals are bringing in health care workers from other states to help.  Health experts expect the surges to continue to spike. Historically this year, we've seen Covid increases two weeks after any big holiday or event. That means Thanksgiving, around the corner, could be a super spreader.

"At this point, the risk is actually quite high to have any indoor gatherings with people that are not in your immediate family that you live with every single day," Dr. Kelly Cawcutt, Infectious Disease and Critical Care Physician, University of Nebraska Medical Center.

They also worry about the same impact from Election Day. We’re already seeing evidence of that in some places. In Southampton, New York, at least 10 coronavirus cases have been linked to an early voting site.Death counts are also up. Three states — Kansas, New Mexico and Wyoming — reported their highest daily fatality counts to date. LT, Newsy, Denver.MR IN: Morning, Alex. There’s obviously been a huge focus on the election, and rightfully so. But in the background — there’s really no way to sugarcoat it. When it comes to the coronavirus, the numbers are really grim and the way they are looking in the weeks to come — also concerning. MR OUT: Alex, this is something we’ve all heard a lot for months now, but every doctor and health expert I speak to continues to reiterate these points — especially as we’re seeing numbers climb across the board...How can we all help? Wash your hands, mask up with one of these, and this is a big one as it starts to cool off and we’re inside more — stay at home. Back to you.