Navajo Nation Readies For Vaccine To Fight 'Invisible Monster'

The Navajo Nation will receive nearly 4,000 doses of Pfizer's vaccine starting Monday.
Posted at 1:13 PM, Dec 13, 2020

As Americans await the arrival of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine this week, we're learning more about the groups who will receive the drug first. 

States will be in charge of most of the distribution — but the Navajo Nation in parts of Arizona, Utah and New Mexico will also be among those to receive the vaccine in its roll out.

The tribe is likely to receive nearly 4,000 doses of the vaccine starting Monday which it plans to use first on health care employees and residents in longterm care facilities.

This comes as the Navajo Nation sees an increase in cases, with more than 200 reported on Saturday and its hospitals and health care workers are said to be overwhelmed. 

Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez warned residents that the fight isn't over just because of the vaccine's arrival. He said, "We cannot lose focus ...  We have to keep fighting this invisible monster together."

The tribe is under a lock down until December 28, with its 150,000 residents ordered to stay home under most circumstances.