Fauci Says U.S. Should Be In 'Good Shape' For School In The Fall

White House is hopeful testing and treatment of the virus will improve by then.
Posted at 2:29 PM, Apr 08, 2020

White House Coronavirus Task Force member Dr. Anthony Fauci says the U.S. should be in "good shape" to reopen schools in the fall.

"I fully expect, although I'm humble enough to know I can't accurately predict that by the time we get to the fall, that we will have this under control enough that it certainly will not be the way it is now where people are shutting schools."

Fauci says the return to classes for the new school year will depend on the case number curve flattening in the months ahead. New measures will be needed to prevent the virus from resurging so Americans should expect to see the educational system change a bit.

"It's going to be different, remember now, because this is not going to disappear."

Fauci is hopeful progress will be made by then in identifying, testing and isolating those who have the virus so that school can begin safely and on time.

Contains footage from CNN