COVID-19 Restrictions Ease in England

The U.K. government is relaxing some restrictions for going to work and socializing outside.
Posted at 8:59 AM, May 13, 2020

People are beginning to return to work in parts of England as the U.K. government eases some COVID-19 restrictions.

The BBC reports that public transportation in England saw an increase in activity Wednesday, as some people headed into work. 

On Sunday, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson told the country that people who can’t work from home "should be actively encouraged to go to work."  This includes construction workers and manufacturers.

However, virus restrictions remain tight in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, with people still being advised to remain at home. But while restrictions are being eased in some places, Johnson says everyone must proceed with caution in order to keep case numbers of the virus from rising.

"I know, you know, that it would be madness now to throw away that achievement by allowing a second spike. We must stay alert, we must continue to control the virus and save lives," Johnson said.

In addition, Johnson has relaxed some outside socializing measures as well. People are now allowed to exercise outside with no time limits, play golf or tennis, sunbathe, visit garden centers and to see one non-household member, according to NBC.

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