CDC Issues New Guidance For Essential Workers Who Are Asymptomatic

The CDC recommends workers who remain asymptomatic return to the job if they wear a face mask and maintain social distance from their co-workers.
Posted at 9:36 AM, Apr 09, 2020

There are lots of people who can't do their jobs from home during the coronavirus pandemic — like doctors and nurses, grocery store clerks and truck drivers. 

These kinds of essential workers were previously advised by the CDC to stay home for 14 days if they were exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19.  

But the health protection agency issued new guidelines Wednesday, saying employees who remain asymptomatic after exposure can return to work if they take certain precautions — like wearing face masks, taking their temperature before going to work and maintaining social distance from their co-workers. 

"One of the most important things we can do is keep our critical workforce working," CDC Director Robert Redfield said. 

If an employee gets sick at work, the CDC says they should be sent home immediately. It also recommends essential workers not share headsets or other objects that touch their faces and stagger their breaks so they're not all in the break room at once.

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